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— We offer a full range of services that cover financing, purchase, storage, transportation, and global sale of harvests.

Our mission is to empower national producers to work more efficiently and better manage their cultivated goods. Since our inception and to this day, we have invested our expertise, passion, and resources in developing operational activities that ensure dynamic and effective growth.

Our commercial department's work is founded on a deep understanding of our clients' current needs, as well as monitoring changes in trends, demand and supply, weather conditions, all of which affect the dynamics of global commodity prices.

We value each and every one of our partners and take into account the consequences of both major and minor decisions we make.

About Harvest Trade Group

Our enterprise strictly adheres to all laws and regulations. It is the foundation that guides us in all directions of our company's activity, in all territories where we are present. Our employees fulfill their obligations.
We want to trust and want others to trust us. Our goal is to make agreements that we can deliver. We respect people, their uniqueness, and aspirations. People are our most valuable capital.

The enterprise's management takes care of them by providing safe working places and professional development. We have highly skilled professionals working with us who are committed to their work.
We strive to ensure that everything we do is done with dedication and a sense of purpose. Our employees are continuously improving their professional skills to deliver the best possible results.


We are constantly striving for change, self-improvement, and are always searching for more flexible methods of collaboration with our partners:

— Agricultural producers;

— Multinational corporations.

Our success depends on the relationships we foster and the respect we show toward those we collaborate with. We value each and every one of our partners and take into account the consequences of both major and minor decisions we make.

— We are a company whose primary goal is to provide national producers with the best services for trading crops and financing planting campaigns.

— We are a logistics company that ensures fast delivery of harvests from the fields to the elevators, and from the elevators to the sea terminals.

— We are a company that specializes in grain storage.


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